Steam boilers and soil steam sterilization systems

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Sterilized soil - starting from ~ 25 cents per m²

Use our special know-how and our new groundbreaking steaming innovations for your benefit.

Sandwich steaming with a special steaming hood and our award-winning fully automatic steaming machine make the use of steam to sanitize soil cheaper than ever.
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Substitute Agrichemicals with Steam!

Agrochemicals are above all a danger to nature and your health! Therefore, its use has been gradually limited for the last years.

Thanks to the latest research, glyphosate (e.g. round-up), methyl bromide, basamide and other substances that are still in use have effectively been banned or classified as harmful to health.

Our superheated steam is your alternative – environmentally friendly, residue-free and without the risk of resistance, because:

“There is no herb that can resist steam”


Steam is ideal for organic farming

Environmental protection and efficient use of heat are the focus of our products. With an efficiency of up to 96%, our steam boilers enable you to achieve maximum effectiveness with minimal energy consumption.

Therefore, steam produced by our steam boilers is ideal for ecological horticulture and organic farming!

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